The Organ Manual

I set up The Organ Manual following the publication of my report Inspiring Organists of the Future – Does more need to be done?. During my research for the report, I came across many organisations, publications and sources of information that I wasn’t previously aware of. I thought it would be helpful to bring them all together in one place. The Organ Manual doesn’t relist information if there are already lists available, but it does list the sites where the information sought can be found.

In short, the aim of the site is to bring all things organ together, so whether you are looking for teachers or tuners as a listener or a learner the site will point you in the right direction for the information.

My intention is to keep Pipes Keys and Chords and The Organ Manual as separate sites, one is about me and my playing, the other is about the organ community and the resources that are out there to support us all.

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